Be a Designer of Learning

InnEdCo 2014

Tuesday, June 17: 1:30 - 3:45 PM
Copper Station: Wheeler Room C

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Teachers – put on your “designer hats” and come to this workshop ready to roll up your sleeves and get creative! We will look at the new elements of the Understanding by Design template 2.0 that can help you transform learning by designing for transfer –putting students in authentic roles, solving real-world problems, using technology ubiquitously, and sharing with an authentic audience. Platform/Device Alerts [My session content is specific to the following platforms/devices]: Windows Laptop Device Prerequisites: Any device is fine. The session will have a lot of hands-on activities.


Reflect on Powerful Learning:

As you are getting settled, reflect on a positive, powerful learning experience you have had. What made it powerful? CLICK HERE to post your responses.

What do you know about UbD?

Big Ideas of Understanding by Design
  • Tool modeled: Socrative 2.0
    • Enter as a student with the code 12079
    • Don't use the app - the 2.0 version of Socrative is entirely online

Learning for Transfer

Think - Pair - Digitally Share

Big Ideas of Ubd: It's Not About the Boxes!

  • Tool modeled: Prezi

Group Exercise: Learning & Teaching in the 4 Quadrants of the Rigor/Relevance Framework

**Click here** to type in some labels representing elements of teaching and learning - what it might look like in each quadrant. What is the process? What is the product? (iPad users: your best bet is to use the Google Chrome app- and select desktop version. Still a bit glitchy)

Group Exercise: Bump it Up! Make it Rigorous, Real World, Relevant, and Engaging!

Pick one of the traditional activity-based units below or come up with your own. Think about the standards these are probably meant to address. What is the transfer goal? What will be the authentic performance assessment that aligns with that goal? Think like a designer of learning! Type up your notes in this Google Document.

  • Animal Alphabet book
  • Most admired famous person poster
  • State brochure
  • Report about a U.S. President
  • Ancient civilization PowerPoint
  • Periodic Table of Elements PowerPoint
  • Civil War Journal
  • Astronomy journal
  • Math problems, odd or even
  • ????

Resources to "Bump it Up"

Performance Assessment: GRASPS
ICLE Rigor and Relevance Framework
ICLE Rigor and Relevance Framework (PDF document)
Blooms Taxonomy Action Verbs
Challenge Based Learning Classroom Guide
dSchool Design Process
From Technology Integration to Design

Big Idea Backwards Planning Template in Google Drive

General Resources

What is UbD? Video by Grant Wiggins
Understanding by Design by Grant Wiggins - Episode 1
Understanding by Design by Grant Wiggins - Episode 2
How do you plan? On templates and instructional planning, by Grant Wiggins
  • Multiple variations of the UbD template available to download -scroll to bottom of page